Question by  Lara (31)

What is a sugar baby?

I've heard of a sugar daddy, but not a sugar baby.


Answer by  John13 (186)

Sugar babies are attractive young women who provide companionship to older men in exchange for money, gifts and a luxurious lifestyle. They are better known as gold diggers.


Answer by  jokey (17)

A sugar baby is basically woman who gets paid to be a mans (sugar daddies) girlfriend. They are usually paid with expensive dinners, shopping trips, rent and other bills paid, vacations, and so on. There is usually an understanding that the man will get "sugar" in exchange.


Answer by  Jen99 (416)

Well I am just guessing. But maybe a "sugar baby" is like a baby that a woman would have with her sugar daddy. Sort of like the men always say baby momma. Someone your not with but who you've had a baby with (and maybe daddy's rich)


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

A sugar baby is the girl that the Sugar Daddy is spoiling with gifts and money. You don't hear the term too often but some people say it.

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