Question by  kioussis (24)

Is shyness in children something that can be overcome?

I have 2 shy children.


Answer by  jaclark586 (359)

Absolutely, children begin to break our of their shyness as they get comfortable with their others. While shy children may never be the life of the party, it is entirely likely they will not be social outcasts. Try enrolling them in sports where they will make friends and develop a comfort level.


Answer by  Mel89 (239)

It depends on the age of the children really. They say our personalities are basically completely formed by the time we're 7. So if we're shy at 7, it'll probably be really difficult to overcome. I myself was a shy child and am also a shy adult. There are certain days where it varies though.


Answer by  damionnewcomeryahoocom (134)

In my experience with children I've learned that children that act shy will out grow it.Alot of children are shy and with a little encouragement from thier parent or gaurdian they will out grow this phase.


Answer by  belle39 (966)

It's possible for children to overcome shyness. You can help them by finding some friends for them to play with through the attendance of neighborhood parties and dance lessons.

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