Question by  Chad16 (22)

Is Rotonone a good pesticide?


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Rotonone is an effective pesticide and when used as directed will have a harmful effect on insects, including beneficial insects such as bees and helper insects such as predators. It's not specific, so it kills bugs, and also does take time to break down to safer substances. Traces can often be found in food when used.


Answer by  Robyn (12)

If Rotonone is used on it's own it is safe for bees. Care should be taken to ensure Rotonone has not been mixed with any other product as that may cause harm to bees. It is very important all recommended safety measures are taken prior to using Rotonone on bee hives for the elimination and control of mite infested hives


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Even though this product is organic, it should be used as the last resort in your garden. This is also used on cranberries. Tests have shown that Rotonone as great as some people think it is, it can be harmful and has shown to cause Parkinson's Disease. So check the product out before you use it.

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