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Question by  apple (447)

Is food still good after the expiration date?

Is the expiration date the last day you can eat it, or is it the last day it can be sold in a store, and therefore still good for a few days to a week after?


Answer by  Alisha (224)

It is usually the last day the store should sell it so they don't have legal problems. Most food is good for some time after the expiration, but you should let your nose guide you in your choices! Most shelf-stable foods just get stale after a while but are always good. Refrigerated foods can go bad, though.


Answer by  devika (51)

The food won,t be good after the date of expiry.Because fungus may be formed which is not good for our health and effect our organ of the body.


Answer by  Yahooosearch (66)

Usually, it is not safe to use any food products after expiry date. Some food products will be good even after expiry date,but do not attempt to eat them. For example milk will be good even after expiry date.But don't use it. In the same way non-veg products too.These products get affected with bacteria fast.


Answer by  Anonymous

Depends. Some pull dates say "best by. " Others say "use before. " The first kind are usually on nonrefrigerable nonperishables. The second kind usually on stuff that is perishable. The former are OK to eat after the date; the latter is a risk.

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