Question by  BusyGirl (31)

Can dogs get pink eye?


Answer by  thrishulrulz (150)

Yes dogs can get pink eye. There could also be other reasons for dog's pink eyes for example,dirt,allergies etc. If you think your dog has pink eye you should contact your vet.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

Yes, it is possible for canines do get conjunctivitis or pink eye. However, it's important that it is diagnosed correctly. For example, a dog can display similar symptoms of conjunctivitis when a dog has irritants like sand or grit in their eye. If you suspect your dog may have it, definitely see a vet.


Answer by  april1981 (59)

Dogs can get a number of diseases and while they can get something that resembles pink eye, it is not in the form that humans get.


Answer by  withluck (1745)

Pink eye is basically an eye infection. Dogs can get eye infections from a variety of reasons, just like humans can. Pink eye usually clears up without much care, and shouldn't be a problem. Although, if the eye is runny and the dog is coughing, it would be best to see a vet.

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