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Question by  Anthony53 (106)

Is pancreved powder good for diarrhea?

I was told to take pancreved powder for diarrhea.


Answer by  hibpmgirl (2166)

I have never heard of anything like that. Try taking imodium AD thats the best thing I have found to relieve diarrhea, and quickly. You can also eat lots of bread and applesauce to slow you down.


Answer by  lldevil02 (35)

Pancreved is a pancreatic enzyme concentrate containing Fat Soluable Vitamins A, D, E. It is used as a digestive aid for animals who have exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, where digestion of fat, protein, and carbohydrates are inhibited. It is recommended for pet use ONLY and should not be used by humans.


Answer by  tk7544 (149)

You should not use Pancreved powder for diarrhea. This is most used for canines not humans. An overdose of this drug will actually lead to diarrhea. I would use something as simple as Pepto Bismol, or another similar anti-diarrhea medication that is over the counter.


Answer by  Ken99 (281)

First off pancreved powder is for animals and is not intended for human consumption. Weather or not it would have an effect on diarrhea depnds greatly on what is causing it.

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