Question by  ram (22)

What is a good feline diarrhea remedy?

My cat has had diarrhea for 3 days.


Answer by  Suggestion (335)

For diarrhea the place Prozyme and can pumpkin in his wet food. One fourth a teaspoon of each will do. One of our cats has had this problem and this really works for him. Place pumpkin in his food until the stool solidifies and then just use Prozyme daily.


Answer by  Tina41 (70)

First thing to do is to take the cat to the vet office, so that they can do an examination on the cat. Second is what has the cat eat or drank in prior to the onset of the cat having diarrahea? If that cat has had milk before getting diarrahea, that milk could set the problem on.


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

It could be caused by worms, so worming the cat or having a vet examine the cat is a good start. Make sure they have plenty of water to drink.


Answer by  Molae06 (1467)

If your cat has had diarrhea for that long, somethings wrong. Your cat needs to see a vet now. The vet will run a couple tests, and prescribe something along the lines of Tylosin. That is an antibiotic that acts as an anti-diarrhea medicne. The vet may also wish to give fluids under the skin, the cat will be dehydrated.


Answer by  satellite (25)

Feeding your cat 1-2 teaspoons of plain, canned pumpkin can help with diarrhea. Canned pumpkin is high in fiber. Also make sure you aren't feeding your cat treats or changing their food suddenly. That can cause diarrhea.

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