Question by  dina (20)

Is my modem causing slow page loading?

How can I fix this?


Answer by  ccorp (260)

It is very possible for a modem to cause slow page loading. Sometimes, when a modem is on for too long, for example, several hours, just idling, it "falls asleep". When this happens, it is required that the modem be rebooted. This is a simple process. It only requires that you turn off the computer,unplug the modem, replug, restart.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

If you have too many programs up and running all at the same time, it may be one of the reasons for slow page loading. Finished what you are doing in windows or save your work and exit out. Then try again to load the next page. You may find it working faster.


Answer by  Steve81 (32)

It might be. If you are using a dial-up modem or an older DSL modem, then yes it is because the bit rate will be slow. The solution is to upgrade your modem to something faster. If not, then you may have a virus and should get a virus scan, or maybe try a different browser.


Answer by  Trebor (22)

Slow page loading can come from many sources. The modem is your access from your own computer to your ISP, but it is only a gateway. Your ISP determines the speed of your connection, moreso than the modem. If only a specific page has problems, but others don't, then it may be the page or the page's server.


Answer by  wehadthought (391)

Check your modem has the latest drivers (go to Update Drivers in Windows Help & Support). Updating your browser can also help improve page loading times, as can ensuring you have as much free space as possible on your hard drive (try clearing caches and deleting any unusued programs or unwanted files).


Answer by  jimmy31 (89)

A modem is a device that translates 0s and 1s in order to load pages. It can cause slow page loading depending on various factors including dropping packets (which is how the 0s and 1s are sent). It can also depend on your internet service provider and what kind of telephone line you have.

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