Question by  subburajmaha (14)

Can you help me troubleshoot firefox that is having loading problems?

My computer is having a difficult time loading firefox, it stalls and hangs up on the main page.


Answer by  dracon420 (249)

If you are having trouble with firefox, first I recommend that you disable any addons Tools> Addons> disable each one.. If that doesn't work, uninstall it and reinstall it.


Answer by  sonicfoundation (2597)

Update to most recent version of Firefox if you haven't. Check your add-ons and see if there are any that might be slow to load and clear the web cache.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

It might not be you. I have a brand new unit and I often get Firefox showing me a "Not Responding" message.


Answer by  Queen1990 (541)

The easiest most simple solution is to delete the program once and for all, and then reinstall the program from online. If it causes further problems, there are many more "better" operating internet browsers, I would recommend the google chrome, much faster in my opinion, but also safer. If you are dying to have firefox, just delete the add-ons.

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