Question by  fuse (105)

Is Mother Hubbard dog food a good brand?

I want to make sure my dog is properly nourished.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

I've heard it's very good. Look up online, and get a chart so you can compare. You know, making your own food is often healthier and less costly than packaged.


Answer by  angelsdozens (218)

Mother Hubbard dog food has passed some stringent testing to come out as a good quality food with no corn or soy fillers.


Answer by  PetLover1 (69)

Mother Hubbard is a popular brand of gourmet dog treats. Their dog food is known as "Wellness" and is one of the best natural/holistic foods on the market.


Answer by  Lottadogs (1258)

Yes this company does a good job of making dog food and one of its brands Wellness is highly rated by those who evaluate dog food. They make foods for dogs with allergies as well as varied diets to meet the needs of all sorts of dogs. My dogs rate their dog biscuits very highly preferring them to other brands.


Answer by  doggygirl (141)

I have never heard of this type of dog food. There are many really good brands on the market. You should ask your veterinarian about this one. Bring the package with you so that your vet can evaluate the ingrediants in case they are unfamiliar with this brand.


Answer by  k0nok0 (224)

It's always important to check recall histories for pet foods as well as ingredients. Both look good for your dog food as they have not had any recalls i can see and they seem to be an organic brand as well. Always remember that some breeds require different amounts of protein and to take this into consideration as well.

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