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Question by  pink6677 (35)

Is Kd dog food good?

My mom bought some for my dog and I've never tried it before.


Answer by  Derbyboo (442)

Kd dog food is a prescription formula that is sold by veterinarians for dogs with kidney problems. It is low protein, and unless your dog has a problem, you would not want to give a food that has too little protein to support the dog's nutritional needs.


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

I don't think it is wise for you to eat dog food. Kd is part of the science diet line of pet foods specifically designed for animals that have been diagnosed with kidney disease. If your dog does not have kidney disease I wouldn't recommend feeding it to him, but it is a good brand.

Reply by Zuess (0):
Hi, my dog was diagnosed with kidney failure, I bought kd dog food but my dog will not eat it, is there something else to do? I've tried gravy over it, still no luck  add a comment

Answer by  vtlms02 (48)

Kd is a prescription dog food. I'm assuming you bought specifially for that purpose. Hill's is a very resprected brand and is sold by many veterinarians. Its one of the better dog foods available especially when it comes to prescription diets. The best bet would be to ask a veterinarian but if I would say it's good.


Answer by  Yaklord (34)

The best way to judge a dog food is by it's ingredients. A good dog food will have only natural ingredients, with as few fillers (usually grains) as possible. As an active member of my dog's community, I know several of the better food brands - such as Blue Buffalo, Innova Evo, etc. I have never heard of KD.


Answer by  Rafael1229 (52)

Dog food all depends on what type of dog you have,size,breed. Bigger dogs can handle different dog food better then small dog but KD is one of the better brands but your also gonna have to pay a little more for it read the labels of other brand and give it a try


Answer by  Jakey98 (222)

It's not terrible. Check the nutrition label: there should be as much protein as possible in good dog food.

Reply by Zuess (0):
my said protein is bad with kidney failure, my dog hates the food, but if I don't get food down him, he won't live much longer, does anyone know what to put on it? I've tried gravy, parmesian cheese and still won't eat it?  add a comment

Answer by  Bill49 (16)

Kd dog food is good for dogs which like it and can tolerate it. Unfortunately, some do not (they throw up), so you should not force it upon them.

Reply by Zuess (0):
my Vet said if he would eat he could live a few more years and if he doesn't eat then it's not long  add a comment
Reply by Zuess (0):
my dog likes large chunks of food not this little bites and I tried warm water but it doesn't make gravy, he is my Best Friend  add a comment
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