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Question by  Andrewmcc (22)

Is lithium associated with memory loss?


Answer by  angiem1981 (1059)

Lithium is typically not associated with this for those who need it. This is very rare and can be alleviated by taking a similar medication, talk to the doctor first.


Answer by  steverino (275)

There have been many studies and reported cases of short term memory loss with the taking of lithium. While your reason for taking lithium may be necessary, have eyes open.


Answer by  mani (813)

No. Memory loss will not occur due to the using of lithium. It is the bipolar disorder and not lithium which affected memory and performance. But it is common to certain people after using lithium they may be too dull and may slowdown crawling. Their functioning will be better on the lithium than before.


Answer by  DD93 (99)

Yes. Memory loss can be one of the side effects of taking this medication, along with others, most of which subside over a period of time, as your system becomes acustomed to the medication. Check with your doctor about any persistent problems. He/She may need to adjust the dosage.

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