Question by  Christian (35)

Are there connections between alcohol and memory loss?


Answer by  malone (4817)

Memory takes place in the brain. Alcohol affects the function of the brain. Read about Wet Brain Syndrome. Symptoms include memory loss, failure of memory and the incorporation of fantasy into real memory. Alcohol has serious short- and long-term effects on memory.


Answer by  Olive (1195)

The most common connection between alcohol and memory loss is overconsumption of alcohol.Drink too much, and you forget all sorts of things. Your performance on tasks such as driving, is greatly impaired. Long term, you may not remember what you are missing! Moderation is the key to drinking without losing your mind.


Answer by  ashley17 (48)

Alcohol affects your short term memory more than your long term memory; see, alcohol actually interferes with your ability to form new memories.


Answer by  countrygal (164)

Yes there is a connection between Alcohol and Memory Loss. My husband was a alcoholic unable to remember any thing from the day before let alone what happened that day.

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