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Question by  kandiman (33)

What are some of the most common causes of transient global amnesia?

My son seems to have developed short term memory loss.


Answer by  Milette (1105)

It may be due to a temporary loss of blood to certain areas of the brain and this is most likely due to venous congestion that inhibits blood flow. It can also be as a result of a minor stroke and certain medicine interactions may also result in this condition.


Answer by  ana15 (116)

It is triggered by sudden stress, maybe physical or emotional such as being exposed to extreme temperature, undergoing a medical procedure or doing strenous physical activity. Also by seizures or by receiving bad news or too much stress.


Answer by  kkl85 (46)

The cause of Transient global amnesia is unknown. Most always related to a physical or emotional incident such as sudden contact is cold or hot water, strenuous physical activity rate, some medical procedures as well as stress from overworking, hearing bad news or conflict. In research it has been found that TGA is more likely with people suffering with migraines.


Answer by  ssullivan1003 (63)

The exact cause of transient global amnesia is currently unknown, though there has been some research that suggest links to a physically or emotionally stressful incident shortly before the onset of symptoms.

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