Question by  bsatterfield (131)

How long will a 6-cell lithium laptop battery last?

I need to know what to expect from my 6 cell lithium laptop battery.


Answer by  invincible (73)

Under normal usage (browsing, office tasks, etc.) expect 4.5 hours out of a fully charged 6-cell lithium battery. If you are watching movies on a plane, expect around 3.5.


Answer by  Serj22 (70)

IF you are asking about the battery life, if you make sure you only charge with the cord and not leave it plugged in all the time, and have a regular LCD screen, you can expect 3 hours running all the systems at full power, and with a LED screen, about 5 hours (less power).


Answer by  tenritsu (51)

The answer varies largely depending on your laptop. Larger screens, faster processors, and other accessories will affect your results. For a 15 inch laptop, the average is about 2 hours.


Answer by  tibouille (39)

It really depends on the power of the processor and your usage of the machine. However, such a battery can easily last 7 to 10 hours on the new netbooks.


Answer by  mysuername (46)

Laptop battery usage varies widely with the amount of time you spend using the machine and what you are doing with it. Between 2-3 hours is expected.


Answer by  Vladlen (358)

It can depend on the model of the laptop, but I would say you can except it to work up to 3-4 hours if fully charged.


Answer by  sivakumar1968gmailcom (11)

typical life is between 2- 3 years,if it is charged on requrally basis without any full dried condition. andthat too if you unplug once in awhile otherwuse it will be last only one year, So if you use it in proper manner ie by charging it & using it it will last for 2- 3 years


Answer by  Euripides (174)

It depends upon a few factors, namely: the power draw of your laptop, the capacity of your battery pack, and the power settings of your computer's OS. Generally, however, using a "Power Saver" setting with low screen brightness, average WiFi usage, and minimal use of CD-ROM drive, you should be able to get about 3-4 hours' use.


Answer by  DileepCV (60)

The 6-cell lithium laptop battery back up is 90 minutes or 1.5 hours. One cell is works approximately 15 min. There fore 6x15=90. It can provides 90 minutes Backup.

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