Question by  moortiz (29)

At what age is simple age-related memory loss an issue?

I can't tell if my mom has Alzheimer's or if she's just getting older.


Answer by  BetaAmyloid (10)

There's no age where you should expect to see serious cognitive impairment that isn't part of a disease process. The primary method for diagnosing Alzheimer's is a verbal test that includes questions like, "who is the president?", and "what year is it?" If your mother is having trouble with these sorts of questions, then she needs to see a physician.


Answer by  grahamat (52)

Memory loss, at any age, is an issue especially if it happens frequently. Although rare, early onset alzheimers exists and can begin as early as your thirties.


Answer by  SKtips (141)

It's mostly a question of severity. If she's forgetting ocasssionally where she put her house keys there's not much cuase for concern, unlike if she has trouble remembering family members.


Answer by  Sauve (435)

Memory loss is an age related issue when certian people get to their mid 60's, Sometimes it happens as early as 50 years old.

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