Question by  scotttherobot (45)

Is Lipton Iced Green Tea actually tea?


Answer by  gin (366)

Yes it is actually tea. Green Tea is real tea. The problem with premade teas is that if you are looking for the health benefits of tea they are not the way to go because of the amount of sweeteners and additives they put in them. They do this so that people will like the flavor, but it dilutes it.


Answer by  rauf (11)

Lipton Iced Green tea naively contain water, green tea and some sugars..Lipton Iced Green Tea is more like a bottle of soft drink than tea that we use to drink.


Answer by  Prajeesh (369)

They are adding a lot of ingredients in Lipton iced green tea. It is most like a softdrink other than a tea.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

Yes, the Lipton Iced Green Tea does contain real green tea. Unfortunately, to suit American tastes, they add a number of other things, like high fructose corn syrup to make it taste more like soda than tea. If you enjoy green tea, your better off buying a box of tea bags and brewing your own.

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