Question by  Droopy (58)

Is there caffeine in green tea?

I love green tea.


Answer by  amyturk (199)

There is caffeine in green tea, though less than you'd find in black tea, and certainly less than you'd find in coffee. The amount may or may not interfere with your sleep, depending on your individual tolerance for caffeine and the time of day at which you drink it, but it will serve as a mild diuretic.


Answer by  MzGlace (373)

In most cases, there is no caffeine in green tea. I'm sure there are a few exceptions to this, and some companies actually add caffeine so that tea drinkers get a nice buzz in the morning, but the higher quality brands of green tea will not have any of this.


Answer by  Anonymous

i dont think there is caffine in green tea, caffine is usually in soda.

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