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Question by  yogibear (20)

Does regular tea have the same health benefits as green tea?

I don't like green tea.


Answer by  asdfas (280)

Regular tea is mostly black tea, a more common tea that doesn't have the same benefits as green tea in that green has more antioxidants, but both are very high in them. If you are determined to drink green, bottled Lipton green tea is delicious.


Answer by  Krissie (551)

All tea has some health benefits, but green tea is the best for antioxidants and detox purposes. Try some of the fruit infused green teas to help mask the taste.


Answer by  pedro39 (6)

Regular tea, such as Lipton or Salada are made with black tea and has caffeine. Green tea has no caffeine, and has many health benefits. Both however are filled with healthy antioxidants. If you do not like the taste of Green tea, Lipton offers sweeter iced teas, which you might like the taste of better.

posted by Anonymous
green tea does have caffeine in it. less than black tea but it still does have some, about 30mg per serving.  add a comment

Answer by  mascota (639)

Green tea is supposed to be a lot healthier than normal tea. Supposedly a cure and prevent all drink. Don't drink green tea with milk. Have it with a slice of lemon. If you usually have sugar in normal tea try a spoonful of honey in green tea. Persevere with the taste!

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