Question by  BrianK57 (23)

Is it true that cracking knuckles will make them larger?

My mom says my knuckles will get larger if I crack them.


Answer by  pedro09 (21)

Cracking your knuckles will not make them larger, in fact it does not harm them at all; it is just the release of air from your knuckles


Answer by  CPB (8)

This is an old wives tale. According to numerous reputable articles, cracking your knuckles is much the same as picking up a cup off of a wet surface. It is releasing tension between the bones. Furthermore, I have been cracking my knuckles for over twenty years and my knuckles are still very proportionate to my hand size.


Answer by  Kozmo (286)

The cracking sound you hear when you pull your fingers is the release of negative pressure within the joint. It will not make them bigger, so go ahead, crack away.

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