Question by  GoTigers2010 (24)

What is the weight of professional ballet dancers?

I want to be a professional ballet dancer.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

You shouldn't base your career on weight- this varies per person. Restricting your weight to fit into some "norm" is old-school and dangerous. If you have ability, you'll do it.


Answer by  Macro (122)

Both male and female ballet dancers will look small in stature, but will really weigh more because of muscle mass. Males about 160, females about 130-140.


Answer by  GajalakshmiAnand (12)

It is determined by the individual dancers. Eating a balanced diet does matters. Also you have to consider your height,sex,body nature and the dance which you would like to pratice.


Answer by  kctaxlady (187)

The best weight for a ballet dancer is a healthy one without added body fat. To attain this weight, exercise and follow a sensible, gradual weight loss plan that includes some carbs.


Answer by  pefree123 (75)

Female ballet dancers are expeted to be lightweight so that they can be lifted by their male counterparts. On average most ballet dancers are in the 105 range, but what you should weigh should be determined by your height. The taller you are then obviously the more you should weigh.

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