Question by  et (154)

Is it still possible to purchase Nirvina records?

I would like to buy vinyl, but CDs are okay, too.


Answer by  Jim23 (303)

Go to Best and there are tons of Nirvina CD's there. Just order online and pick up in the store.


Answer by  aflojo (12)

If by Nirvina, you mean Nirvana, then yes, it is possible. You can purchase vinyl Nirvana records on sites such as Amazon and Gemm. Nirvana CDs can be purchased through Amazon and E-bay.


Answer by  Colorgirl (73)

Yes Virginia, Nirvana is on vinyl. I'm pretty sure that a company called Original Recordings Group rereleased a bunch of Nirvana stuff on vinyl very recently. You'll be pleasantly surprised if you look them up. Just remember it's NirVAna, not NirVIna. Spell the name correctly and you should be fine.


Answer by  LauraCalico (278)

Music by the band Nirvana is still available for purchase. Several stores carry the band's LP records, and CDs of the band's music are still widely available.


Answer by  decay (7)

While it is still possible to purchase Nirvana CDs and most reputable CD sellers, I am not sure who Nirvina is. There is no information on this music group. Is it your intent to refer to Nirvana, or were you just referring to Nirvina? Thank you.

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