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Question by  ericksmerick (16)

How can you record the sounds you hear on a laptop?

I would like to record a conversation I am having over my laptop but do not know how.


Answer by  Caleb (18)

To record a conversation you are having over your laptop. First download Magix 'Audio Cleaning Lab'. Second after installing run the program. Third click on the record player button. Fourth select 'stereo mix' from the dropdown box. Fifth click the record button when ready to record. Sixth exit the recording section and enjoy!


Answer by  schaefnutz (63)

To record the sounds you hear on a laptop, you must first need a software program that will take the audio input file and channel it into a file. You can also use a microphone that will pick up the sound for a speaker. but the quality will not diminish.


Answer by  rjs108 (310)

To record sounds on a laptop, you can use several different pieces of software which allow you to record audio on a computer. To find this software search for computer audio recording software. Download one of the programs and follow the instructions to record computer audio.


Answer by  thangam (95)

we can record the sound of conversation between the people and the others by using media player,AvRack are some of the software used.

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