Question by  worker2177 (19)

Is salicylic acid safe to use during pregnancy?

I have heard that is is and that it is not safe.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Salicylic acid is not safe during pregnancy it can cause many problems including causing you to be sick or causing prematurity with your new baby. Most of the time doctors prescribe folic acid to pregnant women because it gives you all of the vitamins you and your baby need during your pregnancy.


Answer by  soothsayer (500)

Topical salicylic acid is a keratolytic and is considered to be safe during pregnancy. It's derivative ie acetyl-salicylic acid or paracetamol is a commonly used anti-pyretic and is also very safe in appropriate dosage when taken orally or an intramuscular/intravenous injections.


Answer by  pappu (170)

Yes it is not safe to use. It causes miscarriage, lungs and heart problem for the unborn fetus. Bleeding problem for the unborn child and the mother. Tropical form of salicylic acid is not yet tested on pregnent womens


Answer by  tk7544 (149)

No. This drug is like Aspirin which is also not good during pregnancy. They say it can cause birth defects, miscarriages and others. Use natural cleaning if you have acne.

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Salicylic acid used topically is considered to be safe since not enough of the product enters the bloodstream and therefore will not have any negative effects on the fetus. You haven't done your research.  add a comment

Answer by  aratliff (111)

Salicylic acid is not a safe medication to use during pregnancy. In the oral form it has been proven to cause birth defects and can be a leading cause to several pregnancy complications. The topical form is not as dangerous, but can seep into the blood stream and cause just as much harm as the oral medication.

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When applied topically, not enough is entering the blood stream and therefore will not have effects on the fetus.  add a comment

Answer by  mani (813)

Even though salicylic acid, a common ingredient used for acne and other skin problems, since it will affect the pregnant woman it is not advisable to use.

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It will not affect the pregnant woman if used topically. Do your research  add a comment
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