Question by  Crusadir (26)

Is it safe to take dilaudid while pregnant?


Answer by  Kim23 (145)

No, you cannot take Dilaudid during pregnancy or during labor and delivery. It should only be used during pregnancy as directed by a doctor and if the benefits of out weigh the risks.


Answer by  chenningsgaard (54)

Dilaudid is considered a category C drug for pregnancy which means that it has not had enough testing in humans but has been used on animals and has caused adverse effects on their fetus'. The benefits of the drug would have to be taken into consideration against its risks to determine its use in each individual.


Answer by  CopingWithLife (264)

It is not suggested that a pregnant woman take dilaudid. A pregnant woman should only take this medication if the potential benefit (reason medication is prescribed) outweights the possible risks to the baby in utero. Please take care to discuss this and all medications with your OB/GYN prior to use.


Answer by  kaasha01 (12)

Dilaudid is an FDA category C drug and may be harmful to an unborn baby and can also be passed to an infant while it is breast feeding. You can take dilaudid while pregnant if under a doctors care but you cannot take it once you go into labor or begin delivering the infant.


Answer by  Anonymous

I am pregnant and have taking 4mg oral tablets of dilaudid for extreme pain my unborn child is fine.

Reply by rhogam (1):
Even though your "unborn child" is fine, chances are it will be addicted to narcotics at birth, just like it's mother. Taking drugs while you a pregnant is just selfish, wait until the baby is born before you force your addiction on it.  add a comment
posted by Anonymous
fyi i a dr orders it they generally have a reason. If the pain is bad its bad also for the baby and could cause complications for the baby. Hence not making it selfish, im personally not on drugs but we shouldnt be so judgemental  add a comment
posted by Anonymous
anonymous you don't make any sense. just because you have pain does not mean your baby does. Dilaudid is not safe in pregnancy no matter what you tell yourself. how do you know what your doing to your "unborn child"? how do you know it is "fine"?  add a comment

Answer by  pku (6)

No it is not safe. Actually it is a narcotic type drug. One of the side effect is that you feel dizzy/resless, there is chances of slipping your foot or uncontrolled movement of body, in that case it is dangerous to your baby

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