Question by  caligirl1740 (27)

Does Frontline Plus for dogs have an expiration date?

I would like to make sure it is safe to give this old Frontline Plus to my dogs.


Answer by  Kaydee (252)

Because Frontline Plus is a topical insecticide, it is not required to have an expiration date. Depending on how old it is, it may not be effective for four weeks.


Answer by  katie77 (96)

There is NO expiration on Frontline Plus for dogs. However the company does recommend storing at room temperature in the original sealed packaging.


Answer by  Anonymous

I cannot find an expiration date printed anywhere on the packaging. However, the Rx label from the vet clinic does state an expiration date (over 2 years from time of purchase).


Answer by  Domdom (113)

Yes, all flea and tick medications have an expiration date. You'll need to check the outer box or the inner foil packet for the date. If you purchased the product more than a year ago, it will most likely be expired.

posted by Anonymous
Incorrect. Frontline products do not carry an expiration date and will be effective indefinitely if stored at proper temperatures.  add a comment

Answer by  fishtales68 (21)

Frontline for dogs if purchased at a vet's office or in a pet store, the box as well as the individual pipettes do list a expiration date. Do not give the dogs whats in an unknown or expired vial.


Answer by  tuppyqueen (311)

This is what we use and ours doesn't have an date on it, ours was from a 2 years ago and haven't had a problem with it

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