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Question by  Patricia72 (11)

Is the herb slippery elm good for a hiatal hernia?

Someone told me to try slippery elm for a hiatal hernia but I am not sure.


Answer by  bullet02 (172)

Hiatal Hernia is usually treated surgically but herbal medicines like slippery elm which the bark's powder is used can help reduce pain caused by this anatomical abnormality. Thus, it is advised to avoid caffeine such as coffee or colas to alleviate gastric irritation.


Answer by  Heatherd84 (27)

Ulmus fulva, or slippery elm, is often used as a remedy for sore throat, cough, GERD, crohn's disease, diarrhea, and burns, but it would most likely not help with a hernia. Most people with a hiatal hernia don't require any treatment, but the most common treatments are surgery and medications for heartburn.


Answer by  sasser1102 (198)

Hiatal hernias have been linked to some herbal remedies. Slippery elm is on the list of approved herbs. This might bring temporary relief, but these are caused mainly by heredity and diet, so they would need to be combined with a healthy diet. Eat five or more small light meals per day and avoid fatty/ fried foods.


Answer by  Ilsieh83 (248)

Yes it does. The herb slippery elm will help with digestion. You can drink this herb with water or fresh ginger tea.

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