Question by  Louise (94)

Is it possible to trace a person for free?

I don't have the money to track down my cousin.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

It is possible to do but it is not a very easy task. You can try any of the free people searches out there. There are also a few sites where you can perform a people search for just under 2 dollars. Sometimes the information is a bit outdated though.


Answer by  missster (38)

through social networking, or phone number, or address through websearchs like google or bing is the easiest way to generally find people. alternately through local classifieds or personal ads may provide some leads.


Answer by  Vani1902 (120)

It is possible to trace a person for free. Social networking sites can be helpful in that endeavor. Use them to find people that may know where your friend is.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Unfortunately all services want a fee. You could start through family members, and find out where they heard from that person last. Get the phone book of that area. If you have their social security number you could see if they are dead or alive.

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