Question by  lavanya (25)

How can I offer my help to a blind person without sounding rude?

I don't know if there is specific etiquette when offering help to a blind person.


Answer by  malone (4817)

Always speak in a friendly, normal tone of voice and let the individual know that you are there. Say, "Hi. May I help you with that?" only if you see that the person is having difficulty. Never touch the person or intervene without making your presence known.


Answer by  Jacki14 (86)

It depends on the situation, and whether you know the person. Say something casual like "could I give you a hand?" or "let me know if I can help".


Answer by  fakename (21)

There is no special trick for offering help to a blind person, just treat them as you would anyone else. All you have to say is "Do you require assistance?". Do not just grab them by the arm or hand -- you wouldn't do that with a sighted person, would you?

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