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Question by  Hari (23)

How do you find a person for free?

All these places say they're free, but they're not.


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

The best way to do this is probably going to be through googling simple information about said person. Things such as birthdate, Name (Real or username), or even something as simple as a hobby. Google is amazingly good at finding people if you at least give first and last name.


Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

It's very hard to do it for free. Most sites that say "free" will give you minimal information and then charge you for more. The only truly free way is to do it yourself: Do an internet search on the person, and then spend long hours sifting through the results.


Answer by  luyuma (253)

It is easy to find a person if you network with other people by using social websites like Facebook and MySpace. Try searching the person by using Google or the White Pages websites as well. There is also a chat forum in Craigslist where you can post an ad for free to find the person.


Answer by  Mel89 (239)

The only way to find a person for free is to look through a phone book. If they're not listed, they don't want to be found.

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