Question by  Wacho (68)

Where can I find free patterns for pumpkin carving?

I'd like to download them for tracing if possible.


Answer by  smarantz (33)

Definitely try looking online first. There are probably some fun, free patterns at the click of a button. Use google or yahoo to search. You can also try looking in your library to see if they have any pattern books. If it does you can use the copy machine to copy the patterns you like.


Answer by  caylascreations78 (489)

I use patterns from the following website: ZombiePumpkins. They have all kinds of patterns, so you can find the exact design you want.


Answer by  tunsad (413)

You can type "patterns for pumpkin carving" into any search engine. If that doesn't satisfy what you're looking for, then just type "pumpkin carving" into a search engine. There has to be a lot of web pages out there that will have what you are looking for. Any of these pages could be printed out and/or downloaded.

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