Question by  missmojo1 (29)

Is it possible to be allergic to a rat that I just got as a pet?

All of a sudden, I just can't stop sneezing.


Answer by  lynn (821)

yes that is possible after all you can't know if you are allergic to something if you have never been exposed to it before.


Answer by  rmahoney1097 (98)

It is quite possible to be allergic to any animal, including your beloved pet rat. Go get checked out with your doctor, and go from there.


Answer by  sara99 (851)

People can be allergic to any pet. You can also grow to be allergic to an existing pet in the household. It could also just be a coincidence of the acquiring a new pet and a seasonal allergy. It also might disappear with time. Try keeping it is a different room and experiment with the allergy.

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