Question by  maranwin (2)

What advise can you give me on breeding rats to feed to my pet snake?

I am tired of buying rats for my snake.


Answer by  CTSheila (5)

I have never owned a snake; nor have I been interested in breeding rats. Having only read about this type of project, my uneducated guess suggests you buy and prepare a nesting cage with play and comfort accessories. After providing water/food, buy a female and male rat to place in the cage; when feeding/watering, regularly clean the cage.


Answer by  Sunshinebella (10)

you will need two cages, one for the male rat and one for the female rat. otherwise once the female rat gives birth,the male will eat the babies. rats are really easy to breed


Answer by  lilicat (5)

You have to choose a few good strong rats to breed with. A rat is 22 days pregnant. Then she has a litter of 5-12 little rats.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Rats have a surprisingly short lifespan even when not ending up as food -- less than three years on average. They also are mammals with the social needs of mammals. Highly intelligent mammals can be tricky to raise, especially for snake lovers. An easier way may be to buy cull chicks (chicksickles) or live chicks from hatcheries.


Answer by  Caleb14 (292)

If you just have one snake it's not worth breeding rats, I promise. The cost and time (not to mention the smell) of breeding rats is not worth it.


Answer by  srns (11)

first buy some male and female rats ,keep them in a cage,when young ones are formed feed them also feed your snake the big rats.

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