Question by  devinderkumarsharma (12)

Is it okay to use bleach to clean a swimming pool?


Answer by  Tracey (128)

Yes, it is okay to use bleach to clean a swimming pool. We have done this with our own swimming pool for the past several years. We have had no harmful side effects and has proven to be cost effienct.


Answer by  roxiey (191)

yes its ok for you to clean your swimming pool with bleach. it is the most cleanest and safe way to clean too. and also it dosent have any harmful side affect for your pool when using it. bleach will clean any germs in your pool too it will make itlook brand new.


Answer by  Anonymous

Yes. Unscented (plain) bleach is identical to the liquid chlorine that you buy at the pool store. It is often the cheapest way to chlorinate a pool.


Answer by  Annie59 (101)

I think it is OK to use bleach to clean a swimming pool. By using bleach, you can kill a lot of bacteria that are present.


Answer by  Anonymous

Just make sure you take % of the chlorine into consideration. We use the liquid shock which I believe was about 3x sronger but only about 2x the cost of the average cost of household bleach. Anyway you look at it chlorine is chrorine, but do not use scented.

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