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Question by  dauber22 (13)

What should I know before putting in an in ground swimming pool?

I am considering putting in an in ground swimming pool and would like to know what safety precautions I need to make.


Answer by  steadygrindin89 (58)

Contact your city to see if you can obtain a construction permit. This permit is to avoid any noise complaints your neighbors might arise during the full length of the project to the date of completion. This way you will have actual paperwork to defend yourself if any problems occur. Also create a blueprint, that way you can improve it.


Answer by  Sylvia56 (87)

You should find out if any electrical lines water pipes run underneath where you will be digging. It is also important that once you have your pool built you put a safety gate along with putting a pool alarm also make sure the heating element has some type of shut off valve in case of emergency.


Answer by  btj (12)

You will need to have a fence around the pool area to keep children away, and it's good to have flotation devices and a first aide kit nearby.


Answer by  vivianleigh (343)

You need to contact your local power company and telephone company to ensure there is no underground wiring. Also you can't have power lines running overhead the pool area.


Answer by  csaw (100)

A sturdy fence with a locking gate is a must. We also have a fence that has a pointy top so it will hurt to climb over!

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