Question by  John (9008)

Is it okay to take baby aspirin for pain in the uterine lining?


Answer by  sapphire51 (1048)

There shouldn't be any harm in taking baby aspirin for that ailment. Baby aspirin are low-dose aspirin, so it should be fine.


Answer by  LisaEicholtz (227)

I would think it is okay to use for the pain. But it is a blood thinning agent so depending on your issue it may not be the best pain reliever to use.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Baby aspirin is very low dose in terms of its effectiveness for pain management. Further, it can serve to thin the blood, which is not a good if you're having gynecological problems. Talk the physician that made this diagnosis and get proper medication for what ails you. There are many drugs that are far more appropriate than baby aspirin.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Aspirin has blood-thinning qualities, and depending on what the problem is, aspirin might not be the best thing for you to be taking. Baby aspirin is a minimal dose and is not intended for that sort of pain. I don't know how you determined that you have "uterine lining" pain, but best to see your doc.


Answer by  jheremans (1446)

I would not advice taking aspirin for a pain remedy in your uterine lining because one of it's side effects is bleeding and your uterus is a highly vascular part of your body. I suggest you take other pain medications such as ibuprofen, and consult your obstetrician for proper diagnosis and treatment.


Answer by  Holly81 (98)

Call your doctor and ask them. Asprin is not safe for everyone and can cause bleeding. This is something your doctor needs to evaluate.


Answer by  Danie (993)

It sounds like you may have endometriosis from what you are describing. It is very painful and I am familiar since I have it. You can take pain killers (over-the-counter) but be careful if you are relying on them for a week+ since they cause stomach issues.


Answer by  chen2 (508)

Yes, but do not take aspirin for a long period of time as it is known to cause liver problems in the long run. You might have to see the doctor though, if the pain persist for a long time


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

I would not do that and here is why. If you have that type of pain you may very well have some kind of cyst.

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