Question by  tiwtiw17 (17)

Is buffered baby aspirin the easiest on your stomach?

Aspirin is so hard on my stomach, I was thinking of trying buffered baby aspirin.


Answer by  shijo (861)

yes it will be very easier for your stomach rather than taking aspirin. But consult your Doctor before taking the medicine. Your stomach problem also be resolved by other tablets.


Answer by  Debra (105)

Buffered aspirin is definitely easier on the stomach than regular aspirin because of the way it is formulated. However, all forms of aspirin have the potential to cause stomach problems such as nausea or bleeding.


Answer by  Patty (195)

Coated aspirin is much easier on the stomach than your ordinary aspirin. So you should try it and see if it works.


Answer by  RRGKK (412)

A buffered asprin may help, however it may not be enough dose to be effective, depending on what you are taking it for. Buffered asprin is available in adult dosages.


Answer by  triciag (128)

It is the best aspirin to use, however, tylenol causes very few stomach issues. If it is possible to use that, I would.

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