Question by  Anita (18)

Is it okay to put cedar chips in a bunny cage?

Is this safe for the bunny?


Answer by  arj (21)

It is best to leave the cedar out of your rabbit's cage. Cedar chips are toxic to rabbits. They contain chemicals called phenols and hydrocarbons. These chemicals can cause respiratory distress as well as harm to the liver. There are safe alternatives to cedar chips such as bedding made from recycled newspapers.


Answer by  Meowzer (392)

No, cedar is not safe for a rabbit. It can cause severe respiratory issues. Safe alternatives are aspen, kiln dried pine, and recycled paper type bedding such as Carefresh and other brands. Cotton type bedding or "fluffy bedding" is also unsafe.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Do not put them in the cage. Cedar Chips can cause breathing problems in rabbits and damage their lungs. I suggest you use recycled cotton bedding. They absorb urine and water a lot better than chips and they don't have the smell that causes these breathing issues in your rabbits.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

No it is very dangerous. Cedar chips contain phenols, toxins which pass in the fumes through the lungs to the blood and liver.


Answer by  jonardzz (24)

Practically speaking based on the opinions regarding on putting cedar chips in the bunny cage. It's best not to leave cedar chips in your bunny cage, it causes respiratory problems in rabbits and my bring forth to damaging their lungs. Cedar Ships compromises of the following chemicals known as the phenols and hydrocarbons that may be harmful to pet rabbits.


Answer by  ramoskenneth285 (631)

Cedar chips is not safe for a rabbit.Cedar chips contain chemicals called phenols and hydrocarbons.These chemicals can cause severe respiratory issues as well as to the liver.Some alternatives are aspen and recycled paper type bedding such as Carefresh.You can also recycled cotton bedding because they absorb urine and water a lot better than chips.


Answer by  alicia47 (227)

Yes it is safe for you to use cedar chips in the rabbits cage. Did you know that you can also litter box train a rabbit

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