Question by  stephanie (20)

How much should a bunny cage cost?


Answer by  kmac (235)

A basic cage brand new shouldn't be more than $40-$50 but you could probably find a used one for much less.


Answer by  mnmas (238)

This can vary greatly. I have seen them as little as $30 new all the way up into the hundreds depending on the features and style.


Answer by  ben56 (31)

Bunny cages are actually very costly. Some bunny cages can be twenty to twenty-five dollars and others could be as high as sixty dollars!


Answer by  Tina (15)

The cost of a rabbit cage is going to depend on size and quality of the cage. Cheaper materials equals lower price, bigger rabbit/bigger cage equals higher price.


Answer by  Caryn85 (418)

I have purchased a rather large cage from Petco for $79. The cage also included hay, litter, water bottle, and pellet food. I recommended it!


Answer by  candygal411 (10)

It will have to do whith what your going to spend. If you buy a cheap one it will not last as long but if you buy a expencive on it will last as long as the bunny will.


Answer by  worker22 (32)

It depends on how large the cage is and how many bunnies are going in it. Usually around 75-100 dollars for a decent one.

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