Question by  SillyZilly (64)

Is it okay that plywood was used for the base under tiled bathroom floors?

Wouldn't you want something that would not absorb water?


Answer by  pedro (142)

It might be okay, depending on how far apart the supports/girders underneath are spaced (the closer the better). Of course it would have been better if a more stable backer board would have been used.


Answer by  suzie09 (42)

Plywood is appropriate for use as base under tiled bathroom floors, but it should be exterior grade so that it will not delaminate if any water leaks through to it.


Answer by  L66 (29)

Plywood is fine under tiled bathroom floors. If the tile is ceramic and properly grouted, no water will ever reach the plywood. If one is really concerned about water absorption, then a marine-quality plywood which is designed for use it moist areas is an excellent choice.


Answer by  Pradesh (49)

No, plywood was not used for the base under tiled bathroom floors, because plywood and woods will absorb the water and it will not be so strong to withstand huge items.


Answer by  gnfishin30 (18)

For warranty you need to have at least 1 1/4" thickness on your sub floor. I would put down a layer of hardiboard 1/2" use glue between the wood and the hardiboard and screw it down

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