Question by  Louise (94)

How do you go about removing tile flooring?

I am planning on redoing my bathroom floors. I want to do it myself, but I want it to look good.


Answer by  mannersandsuch (1796)

Removing tile floor requires breaking a row of tiles and then using something to pry up the pieces. Make sure that you wear safety goggles because small pieces of the tiles might bounce up and hit you in the face. It can get dangerous if you not careful. Also using paint thinner might help you loosen the adhesive.


Answer by  NourahM (22)

First, spread painter's tarp on all areas of the flooring. Then, wearing safety goggles, break up the tiles by smashing with a sledge hammer. Smash just hard enough to break tiles. Scrape all left over tile adhesive with a putty knife or scraper. Sweep up all the dust and debris. Floor is ready for new flooring installation.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well there are a couple of ways you can do this. You can just tile over it if you want to. Also, you can take a putty tool and scrape them off. Apply some alcohol over the tiles and then scrape them off. Otherwise, you can also break them off with a hammer.


Answer by  dumpnrun77 (276)

The best method for removing ceramic tile is usually a sludge hammer to break the tile up and then shovel, sweep. Sometimes u can use a roofing rake or something to pry the tile up in larger pieces but thats only if the mortar bond is already starting to give.


Answer by  roxiey (191)

you can either pull it up with a putty knife or a flat nose shuvle or you can lay tile back over it.

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