Question by  benicio (257)

Do UPS drivers intentionally ring the bell as they leave, instead of right when they get there?

I got an expensive (over $1,000) and large (6 boxes) shipment at my house that was delivered by UPS. The delivery guy rang the bell after he put the 5th box down on my front porch. Do they do this intentionally so they can be gone rather than wait for you to come to the door. Then I had to lug all those heavy boxes inside. Plus why would an expensive delivery be OK to leave on a porch facing a street?!


Answer by  wwhisnant (38)

Delivery drivers want to finish their routes quickly. If they ring your doorbell right way, they might get engaged in unwanted conversation, thereby delaying their deliveries.


Answer by  Kaye (168)

Regardless how big and expensive your delivery is if there's no need for you to sign then they'll just leave your package at your front door.


Answer by  jclick (1561)

Many delivery companies deliver a high volume of packages during the holiday season and try to get packages delivered as quickly as possible so it may have been intentional.


Answer by  princesa (73)

First, it is your responsibility to get the packages inside. It is not his job to take your packages inside for you. And if you had special delivery instructions, you should have mentioned those when you had the boxes sent.

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