Question by  Dee (33)

Is it difficult to reformat a Dell computer?


Answer by  michaelm (29)

No, reformatting any computer's hard drive is a relatively simple operation with many helpful resources available online. However, formatting a drive will render the data stored on that drive unreadable - if you want to keep your data, you must back-up the drive before formatting.


Answer by  MattMoss (27)

No. Reformatting a Dell is just like Reformatting any other computer, in the way that you're actually reformatting the hard drive. All Dell computers use Windows. If you can reformat any other computer with Windows, you can reformat a Dell.


Answer by  hsophie (23)

The answer depends on a number of factors such as the user's computer expertise, the Operating System installed, and the type of disk - hard drive, floppy or USB drive - to be formatted. The brand of the hardware does not matter at all.


Answer by  Christoph (56)

Dell computers are just like any other, except the hardware they use isn't brand name anything, but merely cheap stuff made for the largest overhead. So, like a Gateway, Alienware, Acer, whatever, all you need is a new OS on a disk and you're done.


Answer by  tiwtiw17 (17)

It is very easy. Just prepare all the drivers installers of your computer. Make sure you have a Operating System installer. And make sure also to back up all your important files or documents.

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