Question by  trumanpeyote (32)

Is it better to adopt animals instead of breeding them?


Answer by  raun08 (1839)

Unless the species is rare or endangered, adopting is almost always the best option. There are lots of animals in shelters who need a home.


Answer by  lizabee (40)

When it comes to choosing a pet or pets I personally believe that it helps lower the amount of strays when someone goes to the animal shelter or pound. Overpopulation,due to excessive breeding,leads to massive amounts of unwanted animals everywhere. These unwanted, imperfect "hopefuls" if they are lucky are placed up for adoption.


Answer by  Elfin1 (45)

The question whether to breed or adopt is dependent upon your needs. If you are looking for a working dog with certain characteristics then most likely breeding will produce the animal needed. If you are looking for a wonderful pet animal then by all means adopt and save a life.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Adopted animals are here already and are in need of a friend in the world. If you adopt a needy animal both of you can be happy.

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