Question by  Marimuthu (-2)

What are some illegal animals in California?

I want some exotic animals but do not want illegal animals.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

Unless you are a zoo or given permission you are not allowed to have zebras, leopards, lionx, tigers, alligators, penquins or bears. Some species of endangered turtles are also included.


Answer by  mechtech74 (692)

Forbidden pets: Gars, Trumpet-tailed rat, Raccoon, African clawed frog, gerbils, jirds, Ringtail, Alligators, Dormouse, Cacomistle, Caimans, Flying squirrels, Coatimundi, Snapping turtles, chipmunks, squirrels, Skunks, Prairie dogs, Arctic fox, White-eyes, Gambian pouched rat, Fennec fox, Monk (Quaker) parakeet, African striped grass mouse, Wolf-dog hybrids, African pygmy mouse, Ferret, Short-tailed opossum, Egyptian spiny mouse, African lion, Sugar glider, Serval Hedgehogs, Monkeys, chimpanzees.


Answer by  dpboris (383)

Cuckoos, all corvids (crows, ravens etc. ), most European thrushes, most mynahs and starlings, java sparrows, all owls, many apes and monkeys, all marsupials, armadillos, hedgehogs, moles, sloths, bats, non-domestic cats, wolf hybrids, squirrels, deer, central and south American toads, alligators, crayfish, non-native slugs and snails...


Answer by  Dani (25)

Ferrets are illegal in California because they get out and eat chickens. I know hedgehogs are illegal for some reason in a few states, but might be okay in California.

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