Question by  Chris11779 (36)

Is flax seed good for dogs?

My neighbor gives flax seed to her dogs and thinks it is great for them.


Answer by  cowohhh (569)

Flax seeds are supposed to be beneficial for the following: Improvement of the coat, cardiovascular health, skin, strengthening of the bones, and maintains their energy


Answer by  Dua (28)

Flax Seed is not good for dogs, although flax seed oil strengthen their bones, heal their paws, and maintain their energy but it can also cause health and skin diseases. Dogs may not competently convert the alpha-linolenic acid in flax seed oil, forms the Omega-3 fatty acid with the strongest anti-inflammatory properties.


Answer by  NorcalDogma (81)

Flax seed is good for dogs. It's a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which is beneficial for healthy skin and coat. It's also a good source of fiber.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

Flax seed is supposed to do wonders for a dog's bones, paws, skin and coat. In addition, there have been signs that it benefits the cardiovascular system and energy levels.


Answer by  boxers3 (550)

Flax seed or flax seed oil is good for dogs skin and coat. What is better is fish oil. They can digest animal proteins better than vegetable.


Answer by  JoJackson (177)

Itis very good for skin and will give them a glossy coat. Be careful not to give too much as it can cause upset tummy.


Answer by  Britt (453)

Flax seed is good for your dogs coat and skin, keeps them nice and healthy. It must be used in moderation though, and some dogs can be allergic to it.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Before you give anything to a dog or cat that humans take I would ask the vet. Human dosage is not the same at a dog or cat. The human dosage could harm to the animal. Unless your doctor said it was okay to give, then it should be. But I'm sure that the dosage would be smaller.


Answer by  worker3514 (51)

Fatty acids in Flaxseed are not "available" to the dog's system as they lack enzymes necessary to convert them to an available form. Rather give whole fish oil capsules - not fish liver supplements though as liver is very high in vitamin A and an excess can be toxic.


Answer by  doggielover43 (0)

Yes, your neighbor is right. Iams dog food sells dog food now enriched with flaxseed to promote good pet health. And actually, a lot of veterinarians have been recomending it for some time now. Dog sledders give also give it to their dogs for better health. Flaxseed does wonders for the health of their coats.

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