Question by  marshafaith606d (1)

Is cloning possible in plants?

I want to clone a Nishiki willow.


Answer by  Taylor17 (155)

Cloning a plant is very possible but the issue is can it be done it's how expensive it is. Cloning is in no way cheap or easy to do. You are better off just growing this plant or ordering one from online. These are very beautiful tree's. You can mate these tree's pretty easily.


Answer by  lucy98 (21)

Yes. It is possible to clone plants and willows are especially good for this. To propagate a Nishiki willow, take cuttings and plant them cut side down into pots of potting mix, keep them damp, but not too wet and they should take root.


Answer by  seedtosalad (175)

True cloning in plants is possible using tissue cultures of the original "mother" plant. This is fairly complicated for the average backyard gardener. Propagating from stem, root, or leaf cuttings is a simple and economical way to make a new plant using rooting hormone available at your local garden center.

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