Question by  aadil (19)

Is bread yeast bad for you?

I know you can make yeast free bread, and I think this may be better for you.


Answer by  benstac (1928)

People have been eating it for years with no health concerns. If you have an intolerance to yeast, you may want to try yeast-free bread or perhaps you have an intolerance to gluten, which is actually from the wheat rather than the yeast. Either way, it is best to consult with your primary care giver or a dietician.


Answer by  martin (522)

No. It doesn't really matter anyway, because bread yeast is killed by the high temperatures at which bread is baked.


Answer by  Solveig (12)

Bread yeast isn't bad for you, and cooking bread without it will result in flat, heavy loaves. There's a reason it's been used in cooking for thousands of years. Even if you eat a packet of yeast on its own (not that you'd want to) the worst it would do is give you gas.


Answer by  fredflintstone (36)

Don't quote me, but my understanding is that yeast is very good for you. It contributes to the active bacteria in your colon (or something like that), which apparently is a good thing. But hey, ask a doctor. I doubt anyone's studied it scientifically. But I could be wrong, scientists study a lot of things.

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