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Question by  bazillion (87)

Can yeast problems indicate an immune system issue in toddlers?

My two year old has a second yeast infection in one year, I am concerned that there is an underlying condition causing the yeast issues.


Answer by  mb (5482)

I doubt that it is a immune system problem, you would be seeing yeast infection in the mouth or eyes first. Probably a ear malformation.


Answer by  Anonymous

You CAN have a yeast imballance and NOT have it in your mouth or eyes!! Most yeast problems stem from the digestive system. Research "leaky gut syndrome". Yeast can greatly damage the immune system!! Research "Organic Oat Test"...."Lexi Market"..Good luck


Answer by  worker2746 (2434)

Trush is a year infection in toddlers in the mouth, and this may or may not be related to an underlying immune system issue. Oftentimes mother's milk will help protect children from these types of issues. Antibiotics can also work to help assist with the issue in children.


Answer by  bigwig (654)

Yes, as in adults as well, recurring yeast infections may be a symptom of another condition. An immune issue is one possibility, but it could be others. See a doctor.


Answer by  MattK (1713)

It is not normal to get a yeast infection, regardless of age, as long as the individual is healthy. The occurrence of a yeast infection in a toddler may point to an issue with the immune system.


Answer by  Anonymous

It's "thrush," not "trush!" Don't ask random strangers on the internet who have no idea what they're talking about (and can't spell). You may end up hurting your child, or yourself. You can't know or cure it, until you speak to a medical professional. BE SAFE, ask your pediatrician!

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