Question by  Chris25 (17)

What medicine do you take for a bacterial infection?

Are there different medicines for different bacteria?


Answer by  Stacia (91)

Medications that you take for bacterial infections are antibiotics. Antibiotics are a selective poison that kill bacteria but not the healthy cells. Different types of antibiotics work to target specific types of bacteria. A bacterial culture will tell you what kind of bacteria is causing an infection, and can assist your doctor in determining which antibiotic is right for you.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Bacterial infections typically require antibiotics. Different families of antibiotics work against different kinds of bacteria. See your doctor for a prescription.


Answer by  Heather72 (12)

To eliminate a bacterial infection, antibiotics are required. Because there are multiple strains of bacteria, many different types of antibiotics have been developed to eradicated specific infections.


Answer by  William7526 (69)

Antibiotics treat bacterial infections. There are different medications designed to target specific types of bacteria, as well as “broad spectrum” antibiotics which are effective against most bacterial infections.

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